Brrrrr…with gray skies, rainy (more like sleet and snow) and cold weather that we’ve been experiencing this early spring (it is springtime, isn’t it?) it really makes it hard to ‘get up and go’ in the mornings, doesn’t it? But we do, because we’re hearty folk here in the Great White North! But even though we made it through another long winter it seems many of our signs didn’t fare as well!


So, if you see signs in disrepair, or in dire need of an organ transplant, call me…John Swaney, the sign doctor. I make House Calls! Seriously, the harsh weather that we experience is hard on most things that are outside and that includes exterior signage. At Precision Signs & Imaging we can help with most sign repairs when the need arises, AND more importantly, we can help you be proactive and “winterize” your exterior signs this autumn to help prevent costly and unsightly damage.


Precision Signs & Imaging, your one stop design, fabrication and installation full service sign company…because image is everything!

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