…Because Image is Everything!

Imagine my surprise when a business campus neighbor walked in our office asking about vehicle wraps and graphics, and then proceeding to have my graphic designer re-design his business cards and order 1,000 new cards on-the-spot! I guess I shouldn’t have been that surprised, he is a neighbor, and we do have great signage reflecting who we are and what we do. But nevertheless I was (his office is on the other side of the building).


I had to ask, “What brought you to us today?” His reply was that his son saw our company name on the the back window of a pick-up truck that we had recently completed a custom job on by wrapping the tailgate and installing a window perf with the logo of Precision Signs & Imaging. Now we all know (or should know) that wrapping a vehicle or adding eye catching graphics to your car, truck or trailer, is one of the best ways to advertise your company, but the truck in question belongs to my brother-in-law, a US Postal service employee in another town.


So where did his son see the truck, you might ask? Does it really matter? No, it shouldn’t, because the fact of the matter is that it was seen, and most definitely by a lot of people, not just my neighbor’s son!


A study completed by Arbitron, Inc. in 2010 on the cost per Thousand Impressions amongst various advertising media shows that a Vehicle Wrap costs a paltry $0.35 per impression versus Outdoor Signage at $3.56/impression, Radio at $7.75/impression, Primetime T.V. at $7.75/impression, Newspaper at $19.70/impression, Magazine at $21.46/impression and non-primetime T.V. at 23.70 per impression. So where should you advertise your business?


Precision Signs & Imaging specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of vehicle wraps and graphics, as well as many other interior and exterior sign types and applications. So if you want your neighbors (and many others) to notice your business, contact John or Keith at Precision Signs & Imaging…because Image is everything!

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