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They’re popping up all over-  small businesses who have a great product or service to offer backed by a tremendously talented and ambitious person or team.  People living the American dream by setting out on their own in business to conquer the world!  They strategize, they plan, they refine things until that little company they started in the basement becomes a lean and nimble machine with a future ripe with potential.


The problem is, all too often these  small to medium-sized businesses overlook one of the most important things they can do for themselves:  BRANDING.  Sure, some folks are so well-connected that they can sprout-up and make some noise just on word-of-mouth advertising and reputation alone but the vast majority who attempt this will fizzle and fail.


Getting the most bang for your buck out of advertising dollars

Vehicle wraps offer the lower cost per impression of any popular advertising form- and it’s not even close!

This is where branding is so incredibly important, and where Precision Signs & Imaging can help your business to grow and flourish.  We empower small businesses with simple and effective tools their businesses need.  We consult with you to provide the tools that will give you the most bang for the buck- tools that make sense for YOUR business and YOUR budget.


Small businesses need to make the most of their advertising/marketing dollars, plain and simple.  We can consult with you to see what you’re working with and select methods/products that make the most sense for where you are now, and where you want to go.

Classy lobby signs feature your logo and do wonders for your image

An effective logo design gives your company a visual identity – A BRAND – which tells the world who you are and, most importantly, helps them to remember you.  Now couple that slick new logo with some vehicle graphics and you’ve got yourself a powerful mobile billboard which never stops telling the world about you- whether parked or in motion.  Business grows, and before long you’ve got a storefront or an office space…  and a lobby!  Precision Signs & Imaging is right there with you creating a storefront sign and lobby sign which tie in perfectly to your other graphics.


Everything about these pieces:  the colors, the design, the typeface, they way they are used- immediately tells people you are legit and professional.  When used together their power multiplies and communicates a message of organization, success and strength.  This is the snowball effect that professional branding can create for you.


Fleet graphics are a great way to establish branding and reinforce your logo

About William Lorentz

William has over 20 years experience as a professional graphic designer, printer, product designer and marketing specialist. His work can be seen all over the Twin Cities in places like The Mall Of America, Target Field, City Center, Valleyfair, Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, Xcel Energy Center, Gaviidae Common and Target Center. William has been entrusted with marketing and product design for major brands such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Warner Brothers, NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, NASCAR, Garfield, MTV and hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses. He has enjoyed a long successful career by combining this extensive branding experience with a focus on objective-based design.
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