Redefine the “sign”

I am often amazed when I speak to people about signage at how many people think of a sign as a post in the ground with a sign face nailed to it.  Sure, that’s a sign but there is so much more to signage than this traditional image that pops into our heads.  The world of signage is expansive and incredibly diverse so I wanted to take a moment to talk about some of the outstanding products we make that one doesn’t think of as being ‘signs’.

This is a sign!

This is a sign!

Flag banners:  These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and there are bases available for sitting on hard surfaces, sticking into the grass or gravel, or even to hold down under a car tire.  Their unique shapes and use of wind to create movement make them a popular choice for drawing the attention of all kinds of traffic from a distance.  The most popular shape for these is the teardrop-shaped banner, however they can be made round, square, triangular, or whatever you wish.



Multi-Tenant Monument SignMonument signs:  Large buildings and buildings with many tenants often like to employ monument signs to tell the public where they are and they come in just about every shape, size and style you can think of.  Some are made of masonry or wood, but recent years have seen the rise of foamcraft monuments which simulate these materials with incredible realism.  These foam-formed monuments are painted to look just like the real thing but do not require the structural foundation of real masonry because they are much lighter.  They also are made to withstand powerful winds and all types of weather, typically at a fraction of the cost of real masonry.



Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-efficient ways to advertise and, when done right, have a head-turning effect that can't be matched.

Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-efficient ways to advertise and, when done right, have a head-turning effect that can’t be matched.

Vehicle graphics:  A sign on a vehicle?  Sure thing!  Vehicle wraps offer the biggest bang-for-the-buck of any type of signage because of their unique eye-catching nature.  A full car wrap or truck wrap is hard to ignore driving down the road or parked in front of a business, but there are options for smaller budgets that work well too.  These could include truck door and tailgate lettering, partial wraps, spot location graphics, door magnets or perforated window graphics.





vikingVillage_EMCElectronic message centers (EMC):  Some of the most dynamic and versatile signs in the world are today’s full-color LED message centers.  They can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes and can feature full color text or graphics which can be programmed to change like a slideshow.  Some even feature animation and sound, so the possiblities are endless with these powerful advertising tools.  They can be mounted to a building, integrated into a monument sign or lighted sign cabinet, installed into a scoreboard, made into a roadside billboard or even just stand alone.



signicade exampleSignicades:  The traditional A-frame sign has been used by shop owners for just about as long as signs have existed, but today’s signicades take the concept to the next level.  These are made of a durable plastic which can have graphics changed in and out at will and reused over and over again.  They come in all sizes from tabletop to gigantic and can be filled with water or sand to keep them from blowing over.



Wood, cement, brick, and may types of painted surfaces can feature massive wall murals like this.

Wood, cement, brick, and may types of painted surfaces can feature massive wall murals like this.

Wall graphics:  Some people look at a wall and just see a wall.  I look at a wall and see a blank canvas!  Put spaces like walls, windows and even floors to work for you promoting whatever message you wish.  Today’s materials are amazing and can adhere to a wide variety of surfaces- even textured surfaces like brick!  These murals can stretch down a hallway or mark/promote products on display in a P.O.P. setting.  Direct traffic by putting floor graphics down which tell folks where to go, or simply use it as a way to put beautiful full-color imagery on a wall as part of your interior design plan.


It doesn’t stop there- I could keep redefining the word ‘sign’ all day long!  We could talk about giant trade show walls that collapse into a tiny travel case, 3D routed signs that jump out at the viewer, signs with programmed lighting displays and more- but the best way to learn about what sign is right for you is to contact the professionals at Precision Signs & Imaging.  We have all the latest technology as well as the design ability and vision to help you make the most of it. / 952-595-5678 /

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William has over 20 years experience as a professional graphic designer, printer, product designer and marketing specialist. His work can be seen all over the Twin Cities in places like The Mall Of America, Target Field, City Center, Valleyfair, Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, Xcel Energy Center, Gaviidae Common and Target Center. William has been entrusted with marketing and product design for major brands such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Warner Brothers, NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, NASCAR, Garfield, MTV and hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses. He has enjoyed a long successful career by combining this extensive branding experience with a focus on objective-based design.
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