Thinking LED For Your Signage? Here Is What You Need To Know

LED signage lets people know, within seconds, about your business and why they should do business with you.  When you think of electronic message boards, you probably picture the old boards that were only used to notify passersby of the date, time, and temperature (only if it got fancy, though). However, with the introduction of LED lights, electronic message boards have been brought to a whole new level! Now you can have a vivid, interactive, and easily changeable billboard right outside your office.


Here are some interesting uses for LED signs from Scott Hofheins of Vantage LED:

Rush Hour

This is the most common, and my minimum recommendation for scheduled content. Every LED sign should have least some content specifically for, and directed to rush hour traffic. This is typically from 7-9am, and from 4-6pm in most locations.

You want to schedule messages that talk directly to these drivers. Do some research, and try to determine the demographics of these drivers.

Where are most of them traveling too? Tech jobs? Manufacturing jobs? Tailor your content accordingly, talk to the techies, talk to the skilled factory workers, what is important to them?

How fast are they traveling? If you have a consistent “stop and go” situation near your sign, take advantage of that time, and modify the play length, or quantity of the content accordingly.

If you have trouble isolating certain groups, you can always go to the one common trait: they are driving. Create content that speaks to them, let them know they can take a break from traffic and pull into your place for coffee and donuts. They can beat the traffic on the way home and join you for happy hour specials. Take some time, and think of some ways you can incorporate their immediate situation, with what your organization has to offer.


Lunch time is another consistent time frame you can schedule for. If you’re a restaurant, it’s pretty straightforward, let them know why they should come in NOW! Advertise your lunch specials and the reason they should spend their money with you, instead of the competition.

For other businesses, you can still market to this group. These drivers may have some time to stop by your place to do some household shopping, get their hair cut, or attend a midday church service. Remember, it’s not just workers who are out during lunch hours.

School Time

Are you near any schools, day care, or other youth facility? You may have certain drivers dropping their children off in the morning, or picking them up in the afternoon that drive by your sign. What demographic is picking them up, and dropping them off? Who is riding with the parents? Look into your specific location, and let your sign talk to them during these hours.


The Small Business Administration (SBA) states that signs are the most effective, least expensive form of advertising for small businesses. In a typical American town, an LED sign’s cost per 1,000 impressions is as little as 15 cents — compared to over 22 dollars for television. Many businesses can even reduce their advertising budgets for other mediums because their LED sign is so effective.


Now that you’ve seen the proof that LED signage work and know how to use them to capitalize on your marketing budget, it’s time to call Precision Signs and Imaging to get your LED sign. You’ll be bringing the latest technology to your business!

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