Vinyl isn’t duct tape

Rusty Vehicle

We get lots of calls for all kinds of vehicle wraps. Color changes, custom graphics, business promotion – these are all great reasons to consider a vehicle wrap using vinyl product. Vinyl offers the option to do anything you can imagine, and produce holographic and metal effects that can be costly or difficult to produce with standard paint jobs.

We also get call for people wanting to “restore” a vehicle with a vinyl wrap. We’re just going to put it out there – vinyl isn’t duct tape.

Rusty Car Door

transport, corrosion and care concept – close up of rusty car door surface

If you’re looking to fix a failing paint job with a vinyl wrap, it’s just not going to work. If the paint’s not sticking, the vinyl on that paint isn’t going to stick either. Vinyl’s not going to stick to rust either. It’s going to install poorly perform poorly and look unprofessional.

Vinyl wraps remain an great option for doing something truly unique. From doing things paint simply can’t do, from custom professional graphics to metallic and reflective materials that are simply out of this world.

Vinyl wraps

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