Get Branded & Get Out There!

They’re popping up all over-  small businesses who have a great product or service to offer backed by a tremendously talented and ambitious person or team.  People living the American dream by setting out on their own in business to conquer the world!  They strategize, they plan, they refine things until that little company they started in the basement becomes a lean and nimble machine with a future ripe with potential.


The problem is, all too often these  small to medium-sized businesses overlook one of the most important things they can do for themselves:  BRANDING.  Sure, some folks are so well-connected that they can sprout-up and make some noise just on word-of-mouth advertising and reputation alone but the vast majority who attempt this will fizzle and fail.


Getting the most bang for your buck out of advertising dollars

Vehicle wraps offer the lower cost per impression of any popular advertising form- and it’s not even close!

This is where branding is so incredibly important, and where Precision Signs & Imaging can help your business to grow and flourish.  We empower small businesses with simple and effective tools their businesses need.  We consult with you to provide the tools that will give you the most bang for the buck- tools that make sense for YOUR business and YOUR budget.


Small businesses need to make the most of their advertising/marketing dollars, plain and simple.  We can consult with you to see what you’re working with and select methods/products that make the most sense for where you are now, and where you want to go.

Classy lobby signs feature your logo and do wonders for your image

An effective logo design gives your company a visual identity – A BRAND – which tells the world who you are and, most importantly, helps them to remember you.  Now couple that slick new logo with some vehicle graphics and you’ve got yourself a powerful mobile billboard which never stops telling the world about you- whether parked or in motion.  Business grows, and before long you’ve got a storefront or an office space…  and a lobby!  Precision Signs & Imaging is right there with you creating a storefront sign and lobby sign which tie in perfectly to your other graphics.


Everything about these pieces:  the colors, the design, the typeface, they way they are used- immediately tells people you are legit and professional.  When used together their power multiplies and communicates a message of organization, success and strength.  This is the snowball effect that professional branding can create for you.


Fleet graphics are a great way to establish branding and reinforce your logo
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Limited Only by Your Imagination

imagineAt Precision Signs & Imaging we tell our clients that you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to designing a custom sign, wall covering or mural, or vehicle wrap. And that’s because we can produce just about anything when it comes to signs, graphics, trade show displays, decals, wall art décor, vehicle wraps and graphics. That being said, we don’t make the final decision…you do, or in this one particular case the client’s significant other. This is where our story begins…


Although we won’t go into names, suffice it to say sometimes your wild imagination gets squelched by your wife, husband, Mother, Father, whatever the case may be.  And that’s why you may be limited by more than your imagination. Maybe this is a truism, maybe just plain old common sense, but let’s just say that sometimes you just have ‘to put your foot down’ and go with your imagination!


A recent client (as I said, no names…gotta protect the innocent) came up with some pretty good stuff he wanted on a particular vehicle wrap that Precision Signs & Imaging was producing. We thought it was very clever, and it did look nice on the design mock-up, but as can happen, the client’s wife said “No Way!” and that was that.


So the moral of the story is…check with your wife (or husband) BEFORE you let your imagination run too wild, then talk to Precisions Signs & Imaging to make your idea come to life!


Precision Signs & Imaging…because image is everything!

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Business is like a Wheelbarrow…

il_340x270.305397659Business is like a wheelbarrow…it don’t move unless you pick it up and push it! Well guess what? At Precision Signs & Imaging we can help you move the wheelbarrow! We do so much more than just design, fabrication and installation of signs of all kinds. We can help you with your business branding and marketing needs too! Call us for a consultation, scheduled at your convenience at your office or at Precision Signs & Imaging.


We’ll ask you where you’re at and where you want to be. We’ll talk about your brand and how to promote it most effectively. And of course, we’ll look at what you have for business signs and how Precision Signs & Imaging can help with new designs, new types of signs and print materials, or just updating your existing signs.


At Precision Signs & Imaging we’re here to help you and your business prosper. Whether it be illuminated channel letters, dimensional letters, a monument sign or simply window graphics or a trade show display, the staff of Precision Signs & Imaging can offer solutions to “pick up the wheel barrow and push it!” Call us today, we’re at your service!


Precision Signs & Imaging…because image is everything!

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Grand Opening Time!

The Grand Opening of Precision Signs & Imaging is this week…Thursday from 3:30 to 7:00 PM to be precise. And of course, we’re always precise at Precision Signs & Imaging, your one stop shop for all of your sign design, branding, fabrication and installation needs.


I called Bill Corby, President of the Burnsville Chamber of Commerce, to help with our Grand Opening by contacting the Mayor’s office. It isn’t a Grand Opening without a ribbon cutting ceremony, is it? And it isn’t a ribbon cutting ceremony without the Mayor, right? OK, maybe it is, and maybe the Mayor might have a scheduling conflict. Then we’ll have the Deputy Mayor, or perhaps a Burnsville City Council member. Either way, Precision Signs & Imaging will have its Grand Opening and ribbon cutting ceremony, with food and beverage, facility tour and maybe even some sign making!


No matter what your business sign needs may be, a monument sign, pole sign, ADA signs, window graphics, a three dimensional logo sign, way finding signs, custom office mural or perhaps a car or truck wrap, Precision Signs & Imaging can do the job, and do it on time, on budget, and right the first time. So come to our Grand Opening and see for yourself what Precision Signs & Imaging is all about. Meet the staff and friends, network with other business owners, have some food and beverage, and join us for an all-around good time.


Precision Signs & Imaging…because image is everything!

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Custom Printed Wallpaper.

3 years ago people were printing on wallpaper with solvent ink based large format digital printers and they still are today! Solvent ink is embedded into the paper and is not eco safe. It carries a solvent smell and takes a while to dissipate even after being installed. This product was OK for offices and large open places but not so much for home or the babies room. Today their is a solution to the unsafe solvent ink mess. It’s Latex ink! When HP PVC Wallpaper is teamed up with HP Latex ink it becomes the safest solution to printed wallpaper on the market. Differentiate your business with impressive wall murals that boldly define interior spaces. Odorless prints on this FSC ® and GREENGUARD Children & Schools SM certified wall paper are easy to install and easy to remove.


It just so happens we are one of the few proud owners of  a HPL26500 large format digital printer in the Burnsville, MN area. This image to the left is our showroom which is located at 12227 Nicollet Ave South Burnsville, MN 55337. Not only can our state of the art Latex printer print on wallpaper, it also prints on car wrap vinyl, fabric banners, back-lit films, poster paper, vinyl banners, canvas, clings, decals and more. The next time you are looking for someone to print a sign with the environment in mind choose Precision Signs & Imaging… Because image is everything!

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‘tis the Season of Road Construction

By now you’ve probably seen the road construction signs on Highway 13 and County Road 5. If you missed the signs certainly you didn’t miss the orange cones and barrels lining the roadway, closing off lanes. And this is just the beginning! But the City of Burnsville has temporarily removed the sign ordinance restrictions for businesses within the “construction” zone giving you the benefit of adding extra signage to let your hard-earned clients & customers know that you’re still open for business!


And that’s where Precision Signs & Imaging comes into play. We have our construction season promotion beginning now to help you “Gain Impressions, not Lose Business!” during the two summers of road construction. Besides promotion pricing, we offer free delivery, free graphic design services for all orders over $149, as well as 100’s of sign options.



Construction Promotion

Construction signs



Don’t lose business this summer; call Precision Signs & Imaging now…because image is everything!

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…Because Image is Everything!

Imagine my surprise when a business campus neighbor walked in our office asking about vehicle wraps and graphics, and then proceeding to have my graphic designer re-design his business cards and order 1,000 new cards on-the-spot! I guess I shouldn’t have been that surprised, he is a neighbor, and we do have great signage reflecting who we are and what we do. But nevertheless I was (his office is on the other side of the building).


I had to ask, “What brought you to us today?” His reply was that his son saw our company name on the the back window of a pick-up truck that we had recently completed a custom job on by wrapping the tailgate and installing a window perf with the logo of Precision Signs & Imaging. Now we all know (or should know) that wrapping a vehicle or adding eye catching graphics to your car, truck or trailer, is one of the best ways to advertise your company, but the truck in question belongs to my brother-in-law, a US Postal service employee in another town.


So where did his son see the truck, you might ask? Does it really matter? No, it shouldn’t, because the fact of the matter is that it was seen, and most definitely by a lot of people, not just my neighbor’s son!


A study completed by Arbitron, Inc. in 2010 on the cost per Thousand Impressions amongst various advertising media shows that a Vehicle Wrap costs a paltry $0.35 per impression versus Outdoor Signage at $3.56/impression, Radio at $7.75/impression, Primetime T.V. at $7.75/impression, Newspaper at $19.70/impression, Magazine at $21.46/impression and non-primetime T.V. at 23.70 per impression. So where should you advertise your business?


Precision Signs & Imaging specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of vehicle wraps and graphics, as well as many other interior and exterior sign types and applications. So if you want your neighbors (and many others) to notice your business, contact John or Keith at Precision Signs & Imaging…because Image is everything!

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Brrrrr…with gray skies, rainy (more like sleet and snow) and cold weather that we’ve been experiencing this early spring (it is springtime, isn’t it?) it really makes it hard to ‘get up and go’ in the mornings, doesn’t it? But we do, because we’re hearty folk here in the Great White North! But even though we made it through another long winter it seems many of our signs didn’t fare as well!


So, if you see signs in disrepair, or in dire need of an organ transplant, call me…John Swaney, the sign doctor. I make House Calls! Seriously, the harsh weather that we experience is hard on most things that are outside and that includes exterior signage. At Precision Signs & Imaging we can help with most sign repairs when the need arises, AND more importantly, we can help you be proactive and “winterize” your exterior signs this autumn to help prevent costly and unsightly damage.


Precision Signs & Imaging, your one stop design, fabrication and installation full service sign company…because image is everything!

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Greetings! Precision Signs & Imaging, your one stop design, fabrication and installation, full service sign company is now open in Burnsville Minnesota, with services locally and throughout the Country.


While Precision Signs & Imaging manufactures and supplies signage of all types, interior, exterior, architectural and ADA, dimensional letters, trade show displays, and graphics, we can also help you get your advertising message out to where it will be seen by many eyes!


Someone once told me, “Not advertising is like winking in the dark…no one else knows what you’re doing but yourself.”


Think about the amount of exposure your vehicle (or trailer for those of you that haul things) can give you and your company simply by driving around town or just parked in a prominent place. How many “eyes” will see your message each and every day??


Precision Signs & Imaging can design and install full or partial vehicle wraps, graphics and decals. Add to that the new window perf material that allows you full and complete visibility from the inside of your vehicle, yet displays your message to everyone from the outside, and you have yourself a mobile billboard!


The moral of the story is: Don’t let all that “white” space go to waste!


Precision Signs & Imaging…because image is everything!

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